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3 Pack Squeaky Toothbrush & Cotton

3 Pack Squeaky Toothbrush & Cotton

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Sink your pup's pearly whites into these squeaky-clean 3 Pack Squeaky Dog Toothbrush Toys! Keep your pup's teeth in tip-top shape with these doggone delightful toys that are sure to leave a smile on everyone's face. Woof!

BITE-RESISTANT: The material are soft and doesn't hurt your dog's teeth, made of quality rubber, durable, and safe for your pet to play.

SERRATED MOLARS: are a great way to clean the dirt and stones in dog's back teeth. this product is suitable to small, medium and large dogs in any breeds.

SQUEAKY DOG TOY: With whistles that can attract dog's attention better and improve it's interest in playing.

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